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Atera provides the perfect match for any vehicle whether rail, fix point or clamp mounting.
Atera products come with a three years warranty on material and function.
Powerful. Quiet. Efficient. The Signo RT fits to any open roof rail, whether high, wide, thick or thin.
CARGO/GEAR BASKETs,luggage bags
This 320 Litre durable weather resistant bag has a foldable hard floor, so you can mount it straight on your roof racks if you want to. Load capacity: 50Kg. AUD .00 149 $ (RRP:AUD $175.00) FIND A STORE PRODUCT #Tbag
FEATURES: Foldable hard floor. Side Support Design: Good shape even the roof bag is not totally full.. Special Anti-UV and Anti-freezing textile treatment. It is made from 600Dx600D polyester and the inside has a thick PVC covering. 100% water-proof for polyester textile and 10# zipper. 8 U screws with head protection for double security! Security straps on the fixation plate for luggage stability. Come with instruction and all fitting accessories in a black carry bag. After you've finished with it, just fold it up and put it back in its convenient carry bag. GENERAL INFORMATION: WEIGHT: 6.8 kg (8.5 lbs) DIMENSIONS: 105cm x 80cm x 45cm. LOAD CAPACITY: 320 Litre, 50KG. Also can be mounted on roof basket! You Might Also Like…
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