BMW gave us the X5, Atera gave us the Signo roof bars and the lads at Roof Rack & Box combined them to give you a BMW X5 with Signo roof racks. While that’s not the most exciting thing you’ve ever read just imagine the possibilities if you’ve got an X5, with these roof bars you could carry stuff that’s too long to fit in the cabin! Now that’s exciting.So you’ve got a BMW X5 and you’ve got 2 bicycles, in this case 2 Giant dual suspension 29ers and you want to go and perform some kind of off road blitzkrieg? Roof Rack & Box have you covered, Yakima’s Holdup is a hitch mount bike carrier designed to carry 2 bikes in locked luxury regardless of their frame materials or design. The Holdup clamps the front wheel into a cradle and tethers the back wheel to keep things steady.