Top Gear said Posh Spice was a part of the design team at Range Rover that gave us the Evoque, well Posh Roof Rack & Box have made some improvements. This Evoque’s owner wanted more carrying capacity for their holidaying adventures so we thought outside the box and came up with this. What you’re looking at is a Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform 42100B sitting on standard RB1250 heavy duty bars and CXB feet. You’ll notice the rear bar is slightly offset to allow for the change in height of the Range Rover’s roof rails and allowing the platform to sit flat. Do you ride? Is your bike carbon fibre or dual suspension? Well then you’ll already know that you can’t just entrust your steed to any old bike carrier, no you need top notch protection for your machine when it’s being transported to your next ride’s location. Here’s a Range Rover Evoque with a pair of Yakima Frontloader bike carriers on the roof bars and it’s owner is all ready for the next cycling road trip all thanks to Roof Rack & Box.