Roof Rack & Box would just like to take a moment to acknowledge the Land Rover Defender has been on the market in one incarnation or another since 1948 which makes it one of the longest continually manufactured models in any manufacturers range. And 90% of the Defender drivers on the road will make it home tonight, the other 10% will have to wait till the tow truck arrives. Now you say what’s better than a Defender? One with a Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform on it’s roof, that’s what’s better! Here we have a Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform 42105B that’s a whopping 2728 mm long and 1465 mm wide and at a 100 kg rated capacity that’s more than sufficient for your adventuring needs. This is sitting on 4 pairs of RL210DS8 legs which mount directly between the platform and the Defender’s gutters.