So the lovely Audrey from Women can Paint purchased a new work horse for her business and needed to get it sorted. She came in to Roof Rack & Box and we had a look and asked her what she needed from her Toyota Hilux dual cab with canopy. What she needed was a way to carry long ladders and painter’s planks so she could keep on with her painting business and we set the Hilux up accordingly. What you see here is a Yakima Whispbar T16W HD bar on K323 fixed point fitting kit on the cabin and a pair of S16W bars on Q5 1.5 meter tracks and a K450 fitting kit on the canopy. This dual cab Hilux came into Roof Rack & Box because it’s owner Melbourne Kayak Centre needed to carry long sea kayaks and needed a stable way of doing so. So we added some Rhino Rack RTS03 Hilux specific tracks and a pair of RLTF feet with RB1250 heavy duty bars. Another option for the black Hilux is Whispbar flush bar S6W + K639 Fitting Kit.