Well if you can tear your eyes away from that awesome Nissan Patrol in the background you’ll notice a Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series. This 100’s owner came into Roof Rack & Box and said their life was somehow incomplete because the Toyota had no way of carrying stuff on the roof when they went away. So we immediately suggested a Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform 42104B with RLCP02 feet to set things right and bring untold happiness to the owner’s life. Now the 100 Series is a thirsty beast at the best of times unless you covert it to run on LPG but if you do that you need somewhere to carry your spare. And that is why he grabbed a Tiber BBC-90205 mesh basket for the roof, so the spare could ride up top and there’d be extra space when he was going on road trips. Roof Rack & Box, keeping the owner happy since he got this rack.