Got a car and a bike and like to take the bike on the car to go riding? Well you need to come in and see Roof Rack & Box so that we can set your vehicle up like this one. What you see here is a Toyota Rav 4 with a set of Rhino Rack SXB3 rail type bars and an Atera Giro Speed bike carrier, also we can mount Atera RT racks made in Germany. Another Rav 4 is wearing Yakima Whispbar S15W roof bars on a K328 fitting kit and a Skybox 16 Carbonite. Roof baskets come in all shapes and sizes, from smaller mesh baskets designed to be fitted to pair of roof bars right through to large aluminium baskets that can fix directly to the roof of some vehicles. Roof Rack & Box know all about baskets and what you can put on your vehicle to get gear out of the cabin and on to the roof. So have a look at this Toyota Rav 4 sporting a Rhino Rack RLBM mesh basket on it’s factory roof bars.